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About this site

click-on-scotland is designed to be a constantly evolving site dedicated to images of Scotland which celebrate the unique diversity of lanscapes and townscapes which gives Scotalnd its distinct character. We offer a large palate of images arranged principally as a tool for designers and organisations in what we trust is an easy to use, intuitive series of galleries.

We also hope this site provides a pleasurable experience for all our visitors, even if they simply want to explore the many varied facets of Scotland. Our image bank centres on the physical fabric of Scotland – its scenery, buildings, townscapes, and other natural and man-made elements that contribute to the rich tapestry that gives the country its unique and enduring character rather than on the more transient aspects of ever changing lifestyle, signage and day to day activities.
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Stock Images

The click-on-scotland library contains around 20,000 stock images, many of which we will continue to upload to the site on an ongoing basis.

Browse our Scotland Galleries to explore the type of images we hold in stock. The online galleries are currently only a small sample of what is available. Whilst we will be regularly adding additional galleries both of new photography and stock images from our existing back catalogue, we may already have the image you need in our extensive image file. We rarely charge research fees, so feel free to contact us about your specific needs.

Whilst we appreciate that no site like this can ever realistically contain a full and comprehensive set of images, we hope that you will enjoy the extensive collection of imagery which we currently have to offer.


How can I use one of your pictures?

Our stock images can be provided as digital files as well as high quality prints. If you want to use a picture, search for the image you want and view the options to place an order.

Have we got your interest? If so please contact us for any more details and information which you may require.





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